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Not too long ago there wasn't a grocery store on every corner or any product you could dream of at the click of a button. Our ancestors grew up in communities that were tight-knit and self-sustained. People knew their neighbors and relied on them. Knowledge, recipes and stories were passed from generation to generation often across a kitchen table crowded with busy hands. Life wasn't necessarily easier, but it was simpler.


In today's fast paced world, our mission is to bring back simple. To bring back community. To empower people to feel self-sufficient and capable. To encourage people to slow down, savor the moment, and connect back to the basics.

Meet the Team


Rachel Holman



Lead Instructor

Certified Texas Teacher

As a child, when I wasn't playing in the back of my mother's soap and candle shop you could find me earning my allowance tending the garden and the chickens. I grew up living what people refer to as the simple life. While my friends were playing video games and shopping, I was learning how to sew with my Granny or can delicious homegrown green beans with my mom. At the time I had no idea how good I had it. I would giggle at my mom while she sang "Goodnight Ladies" to her chickens and roll my eyes when I had to get off the phone with my friends to help around the property. My mom always laughed it off and said, "One day you'll understand," and, as moms usually are, she was right...


After flying the coop I went on to receive my B.S. of Psychology from Texas State University and then worked as an educator in the public school system for five years before giving birth to my own bundle of joy. After the birth of my first son, my world was turned upside down. I found that I no longer fueled off of the busyness that was my life before. I longed for less to do and more time with my new little family, I longed for simplicity and departure from the live-to-work mentality so present in our society. In bringing life into this world I also felt compelled to make a more conscious effort to care for this world that my children and their generation would inherit and to raise my son in what I believed was the healthiest and happiest way possible. This is where comes the big "Mom, you were right!" In trying to live my values, I discovered my passion for homesteading and sustainability and in doing so got back in touch with my simple roots.


My vision is to use my experience in teaching and psychology as well as the skills I acquired through years of living my own simple life to teach others the joys of living simply and caring for our planet.

Mary Holman-Anderson


Master Product Curator

Class Instructor

Certified Texas Teacher

Licensed Professional Counselor

As a child, Mary also spent her time playing in the back of her family's candle shop. She then went on to get her degree and teach High School English. After she gave birth to her now grown little girl and little boy, she decided to open her own soap and candle shop and make family memories in the back. She also decided to put down roots in Cibolo, TX and start her little Green Valley Homestead on which to raise her children away from the distractions that are so present in our society and give them a solid foundation of hard work and self-reliance. Mary has lived a life of sustainable practices and was environmentally conscious before it was cool. She has a wealth of knowledge to share and is excited to have an avenue to pass it along!


Our Partners

We have partnered with these wonderful local businesses to offer a variety of additional homesteading classes and products!

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