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Products and classes for a simple and sustainable life.

Homesteading Classes

Whether you have 0.25 or 25 acres, our homesteading classes will help you learn new skills to help you create your own homestead. From soap making to sourdough and everything in between - our classes teach you to incorporate small healthy changes in your life to help save money, reduce waste, and get back to the basics.

Mommy & Me Homesteading Classes

Our Mommy & Me Classes give you the opportunity to spend some special time with your little ones (ages 2-10) while helping them learn a new skill. Instruction is tiered so this class is good for a wider age range.

Making Parties

Two to three Saturdays a month we offer three of our homesteading classes in one day. Purchase our "Making Party Pass" and sign up for all three classes to get the classes at a discounted rate as well as join us for a local coffee social and a catered farm-to-table lunch.


We believe that the simple life is the good life and we hope to plant simple seeds of knowledge so that they can take root and spread through our community. Click here to read more about our story.


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